Our Story


Many of us dream of building a house. We built ours to give you a sensory experience.

We’ve been a couple for almost two decades now, 17 years to be exact. In the beginning of our relationship we used to travel and visit places, staying in wellness hotels for relaxation. Despite how comprehensive the service we got at such places, how much comfort surrounded us, we began to realize, this was not exactly what we were looking for. So we tried out isolated places, close to nature, where we could be just the two of us, far from everyday’s hustle. From Tyrol to Nice, or to the beautiful Dunakanyar in Hungary, we have stayed in luxury chalets and forest or mountain huts. We have spent a couple of days each summer in a nearby lakehouse to relax. On one such occasion the idea came out of the blue; „let’s build something!”

With so many experiences behind us, and ideas in our heads we started to lay down the foundations. We ordered books on cabin houses published all over the world, dived into the internet to gather even more information and inspiration. We observed honeymoon suites and chalets of similar kind which matched our taste. One in Mexico had a great impact on us and we do hope to visit maybe one day in person. Slowly the ideas came together as one. A new team was formed by a hairdresser, a make-up artist and a retired tool-maker turner to bring into life a dream, which finally became known as: „Aislamiento”. A Spanish word meaning isolation. The word isolation refers to a state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others: a condition of being isolated. Although my father (Médea’s) said it would be an easy job to put this all together, we soon realised that we had bitten off more than we could chew. However it took 2 years of hard work through summer heat and winter snow; over weekends and in our free time. Everything we are is in this house, perfectly complementing each other. Everything but the main structure of the house and the public utilities are the results of our two hands.

In the very beginning we hardly knew anything about wood and its characteristics as a building material. What we did know was that we simply loved it. We were inspired to look for original techniques and to apply them on this material to our likings, experimenting more and more. We would add modern elements just to highlight the rustic aspect of the wood even more. And now friends, acquaintances and even professionals ask us for advice and ideas. Strangers from the street stop by to have a look at this little wonder. We cannot even count how many times those wooden slats have passed through our hands before they acquired that antique look needed to place them on the floor or ceiling. We strove to use natural materials both in the construction and in the decoration of the house, right down to the last switch. In creating the interior design, quality was uppermost in our mind. We believe that what ultimately determines premium category for the cabin is the combination of intellectual input, the cabin’s location, its style and functionality, the equipment installed. There is a pleasing harmony that comes from combining all these factors. We are proud of our wooden cabin with its special atmoshere, even with its rustic imperfections, because we made this into a reality ourselves. Even the smallest details were carefully planned. Our heart and soul is in every part of the building conveying feelings of peace, tranquility, love and harmony; admiration, ease, gratitude and an open-heart; ardour, joy, letting go, satisfaction and happiness.

We welcome those who are looking for a place like this to relax. After all, this place talks to those who can understand and feel its vibe. Those of you who can break your stride, stop and gaze at the sky on the terrace for hours and hours, or who desire to break free from everyday life and find a little peace or find your way back to yourselves. This place is for you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Médea Arany

Szabolcs Polgár