Aislamiento | luxus faház

Luxury Cabin


Why not let this be the place where you realize that life is indeed a gift and every second counts?!

Aislamiento | luxus faház

The cabin is situated on a 2200 m² sloped plot in Zalaegerszeg’s suburban area called Egerszeghegy. Trees planted to surround the house, will in time give the effect of a being in a tree-house. You might be visited by roes, foxes and wild rabbits, or even squirrels as their habitats don’t lie far from us. The house has two floors. The lower level is mostly underground, due to the slope. The 56 m² upper floor, which occupies one single space together with the bathroom, has glass windows from floor to the ceiling. You can even enjoy the beautiful sunsets from your bed. The interior design was based upon the following essential criteria: comfort, quality, elegance and luxury. Combining different styles was an adventure: industrial with boho or the rustic meeting the tropical. After a long search, we chose Rubelli velvet, one of the world’s finest fabric weavers, bringing an essence of luxury to our space. Since sofas are essential elements of the house, we wanted something unique. This is how we came about the french ligne roset brand and its TOGO Fireside Chairs without arms. With this contemporary design we could indeed smuggle in a little „art de la vivre” feeling into the atmosphere. Most of the furniture were custom-made, where exclusivity played an important role, just like in all accessories to the house as well. Specific plants lend cosiness to the space. The kitchen is fully equipped, perfectly fitted for shared cooking with your partner.

And if it gets too cold in the evening, you can bring more heat to your space with an organic fireplace while resting under the king-size duvet. You can relax in the nearly 50 year-old wooden tub: a true experience with a glass of wine. Special emphasis has been put on illumination, that allows you to adjust the warmth of the light according to your mood or activity. Are you into music?! Then you will probably appreciate the loudspeakers located in each and every corner of the house and the terrace as part of a 2-zone Bose system. Accept the call of the 100m2 wooden terrace and surrender yourselves to the incredible view or the sound of jazz (or both) in the bean bag chairs.

Aislamiento | luxus faház

Right after a cold front those views will easily turn the terrace into a Canaan for those of you who love to watch the sky and clouds. They will show you their many different faces every day. We do hope you are not afraid of heights and have your chance to try the hand knotted net built in the terrace. The best place for stargazing. And if that wasn’t enough or you have something special on your mind in which we can further help to make your stay even more complete, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to help you.

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Only two of you, special atmosphere, intimacy, calmness, peace. The place, where the hills meet the setting sun.