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House rules

Thank you very much for choosing us! We would like you to leave here mentally charged and satisfied and having had joyful experiences. We will do our best to help you reach that state. All we ask in return is that you please pay attention to these details.

1. Upon arrival we kindly ask you to hand over your personal documents e.g. passport or ID and address cards. These we need to keep for registration of all your data in the Guest Registry. Tourist tax must also be paid here on site, that is 350, - HUF/day/person. You must pay in cash.

2. Check-in is between 2-6 pm., at a mutually agreeable pre-arranged time. On the day of your departure you must check-out by 10 am. Alternative arrangements may be possible by prior arrangement and extra cost. In any event such agreements cannot interfere with the arrival of following guests. Should you decide to leave earlier than scheduled, no refund is available.

3. On your departure please return all keys and the four remote controls (1 AC, 2 TV and 1 AMP).

4. When you are leaving please close all windows and doors and turn off the air-conditioning. Thank you, let’s protect our environment!

5. Accommodation will only be provided if the number of guests upon arrival matches the number previously agreed with us. This is an adult only accommodation for a maximum of two people.

6. Pets are not allowed.

7. Should any of the keys get lost, please report immediately. You are obliged to reimburse costs of lock replacement.

8. Please do not water the plants! In summer should there be extreme heat, we may possibly ask you to do so.

9. The wooden bath tub does not have any spill away. So when used, please pay attention to water levels.

10. The fireplace works solely with bio- ethanol. It is strictly forbidden to burn wood in the fireplace. The wood underneath is only for decorational purposes. Tank capacity is 2L. More than that is harmful to the device.

11. We take no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused by improper usage of any of the appliances.

12. Compensation for any damage - caused by improper usage – must be paid immediately to the owners.

13. Violation of these rules may result in banning from the use of our installations, to prevent further improper use or damage. We reserve the right to exercise more serious measures in the unlikely event that should be necessary.

14. Should you encounter with any problem while your stay related to the house, please contact us immediately. We do not accept complaints which have been delayed until after your departure.

15. None of the equipment is permitted to be taken out of the house. We ask you to please refrain form moving the furniture and ensure that the armchairs remain on the carpet. Upon arrival and departure we will check the house together. Any damage caused must be paid on site.

16. We do not take any responisbility for any valuables left in the accomodation.

17. Utility bills are included in the accommodation fees as well as all other costs: bed linen, sheets and towels, bio-ethanol, basic foods, unlimited tea and coffee consumption, as well as „Parajd” salt for the bath tub and final clean-up.

18. Please keep everything clean and tidy and leave neither rubbish nor unwashed dishes!

19. The terrace, the net and swings are only to be used at your own risk. It is not safe to use the low railings of the terrace as benches and their use in this way is forbidden. Do not sit on them! It’s dangerous. Leaning against the railings, hanging on them or exposing them to any hard physical impact is strictly forbidden.

20. In case of fire, you can find a fire-extinguisher, in the cupboard under the stairs to the right of the bathroom door. If it is safe to do so, start extinguishing immediately, call the firemen on 105, and evacuate the building. Then call us as soon as you can!

21. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the house (including e-cigarettes and IQOS). Even in the garden great care must be taken when smoking as wood is all around. Don’t throw any cigarette butts away!

22. Garden care is very important to us. In the summer heat a beautiful lawn might require up to two mows per week. Watering is also very important in the heat. These labors will only be carried out during time periods agreed upon with you. We do not want to distrub you while having your rest.

23. For household rubbish a dustbin is available in the kitchen. Once full you can use the right hand side trash can by the main entrance gate. Rubbish bags can be found under the sink.

24. When using the amplifier, please remove the dust cover and place it back when turning off the device.

25. The kitchen is well equipped. Please keep it tidy and clean! Use the dining table for having your meals and leave bed and armchairs alone! Do not place any metal container in the oven, when turning on its microwave function!

26. You can park either in the backyard of the house, behind the gates, or outside the gates as long as not obstructing the traffic.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests or problems during your stay. Contact: +36 30 737 44 08.

Thank you for your co-operation, we wish you a pleasant stay!

Médea Arany

Szabolcs Polgár